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Hex Gambit will finally be open for anyone to play next Tuesday, April 17th! You can get ready by wishlisting us on Steam right now. We’ll also be streaming the game on launch day on our Twitch channel at 1pm Central time.

Both the Sniper and Pacifist are animated with their special effects ready, so they’ll just need some sound and code once we’re ready for them. With all the launch minion art settled (we’ll be showing them off as they get implemented a little later on), my next big ticket item is a modified arena for Blitz Royale, our single player mode.

The main reason we didn’t include an artbook as a Kickstarter reward is that my preproduction work is SUPER utilitarian. Half of it doesn’t even get saved. Some of the concept makes it onto the paper, a lot of it stays in my brain or gets labelled “figure it out later”, and then I start making stuff. So here’s my scribbles below to give you a sense of it, and I’ll post my progress as things get prettier.

Scribbles that only really make sense to me.

Blocking in placeholder models.

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