Year of the Feature Creep


So our goal of delivering a complete Hex Gambit on Steam by the end of 2017 didn’t quite pan out, but a lot changed over the course of the year! A version for the Nintendo Switch™ was added to the docket, along with a single player mode and a pretty meaty league metagame. None of that stuff was even conceived of this time last year.

We are proud to look back on a successful Kickstarter campaign (no small feat) with all our rewards dished out on time so far. Our backers-only alpha feedback has been super helpful for cataloging bugs and adjusting the game balance. We’re spinning a lot of plates over here, fixing old stuff while implementing new stuff, but keep that feedback coming, playtesters! We’re listening, and it’s all being prioritized in our task list.

So what’s ahead for 2018? Hex Gambit: Early Access! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. 2v2 play, an influx of fresh meat, and the heart of our multiplayer experience: the Apex Cup league comes online. Should be ready to go in Q1 of next year.

As for the final launch, our Kickstarter estimate was April 2018. It’s looking to me like sometime in the summer is more likely, but that’s really up to our Early Access performance. If the game finds an audience and we can fund a few more months of improvements, we’ll definitely take that opportunity. It’s our first console release, after all, so we want to bring our A-game. For next year’s New Years post, I hope to be writing about the awesome Hex Gambit DLC we have in the works!

Best of luck with all your projects, plans, and aspirations this year. Thanks for keeping up with us!

Notable Replies

  1. Harti says:

    Glad to see my yet unspoken concern addressed - as a fellow software developer I know very well that things can get tricky very fast, especially when everyone around you requests a ton of new stuff that had not been heard of and planned through before. I also think the FTA/balance issues hit development like a truck, causing Alex to have to go through stuff that had already been marked as finished. I feel ya.

    Do take your time and don’t rush for arbitrary deadlines (unless Nintendo holds you to it, lol). Do make sure y’all keep a steady pace though, because I also know that one week of slacking can be a hard hit for motivation (having to get and dig into everything again feels awful).

    Personally, I am glad that you’re no longer aiming for an April release. You only get one shot to win people over once it’s live. It should be polished before then. People are picky, especially if they’re not as invested as we (this community as well as paying backers) have been. The gaming market is volatile, things can feel or get boring really fast.

    Happy New Year everyone, it’s going to be a great one!

    /e: oh, and don’t forget to inform Kickstarter backers!

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