Hex Gambit Alpha Manual


Click here for the Hex Gambit Pre-Early Access instruction manual.

The Pre-Early Access PC alpha of Hex Gambit is nearly upon us! This early peek at the game is exclusively for our Kickstarter PC backers, with download codes going out later today.

While the game is fully playable in Exhibition mode, some features like sound and our tutorial are conspicuously missing. As a workaround for the latter, we’ve prepared the instruction manual above to get you acquainted with the game’s rules and character abilities. Be sure to keep it handy in these early days, as our current interface is a work-in-progress and may not do a fantastic job of explaining things. Expect the game to get better every week on the road to Early Access!

We should also mention that a Pre-Early Access tournament is already being organized, which you can read all about right here.

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Notable Replies

  1. Harti says:

    Will Captain Powers charge for every X enemy VP or only once? (e.g. could I use Lolli’s power three times a game?)

  2. nope, one time use. His just charges faster than the others. The stronger your power, the better the opponent has to be doing for you to use it.

  3. Have you considered giving this a recharge time? I assume some play testing might have deemed that unnecessary and I am sure we’ll be able to get a feel for that soon enough :slight_smile:

  4. The one-time aspect for captain powers is to keep it from becoming too disruptive. Captain powers are little cheats, they can’t be predicted or defended against, so once feels like enough from an opponent’s perspective.

  5. Anything that encourages standing still or turtling up in your corner is something we wanted to avoid for this game.

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