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In addition to completely overhauling the UI for Hex Gambit, we’re also finishing up all of our character and special move FX so our sound guy can tackle all that in time for Early Access next month. I have been a very bad blogsman in the midst of all of this, and I beg your forgiveness.

So here’s some quick screenshots of what we’re working on!

This new “captain’s hamburger” sits on your side of the map. When your bonus power is ready, it transforms into a flashier state to let you know the time has come to rain sweet vengeance on your enemy. This one has pixelated placeholder art and is half-finished; the final product will look even cooler!

Here’s the new matchmaking screen, just before you jump into the arena. A cool feature we’re hoping to get implemented is the “Random” minion slot. Any slots you don’t fill with a specific minion class could be set to randomize every match, so you can have a few wildcards on your team. We’re also wanting a convenient “Randomize All” button, so you can easily mix things up and challenge yourself. These features won’t be that interesting until more of our minions are in (Early Access only has 5 minions on release), but they’d work for captains too.

The in-game UI has also been rearranged to help you find important information easier. Most of this stuff won’t be on the screen all at once like this, and the console version won’t have chat at all. Maybe we’ll work in some kind of emote system to get basic information across in 2v2? We’ll see what we can do.

Check back weekly for more progress on our upcoming turn-based strategy game, Hex Gambit. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get email reminders when we hit big milestones, like the launch of our beta this year and the official release in 2018.

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  1. God this game looks so good

  2. Harti says:

    How much did @QuantumApocalypse pay? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    My Austrian friend should sneak me in too! Super jealous :sob:

  3. he paid dearly :rofl:. If I recall, his name was so long it broke a lot of UI in Outwitters, and we had to go fix it where we could so Adam started using it as a ‘test subject’ in all UI’s since then. The above is just test UI, so don’t get too jealous ;D. We’re pretty excited to start getting the re-worked UI finally into the game so we can start setting up proper matches.

  4. I’m honoured haha :stuck_out_tongue: Team select’s got a nice Outwitters feeling about it.

    I’m not sure if some sort of ping system would be good for platforms without chat, but it might potentially work.

  5. Harti says:

    I know this is an irrelevant feature for the game itself, but I would suggest that you try to make sure you have some kind of muting, reporting and shadowbanning system in place. The original community of Kickstarter backers will probably be friendly, but the climate might change later after launch.

    From my personal gaming experience people seem to enjoy putting others down anonymously over the Internet. Some games experience it more than others, and it tends to be the games where you can freely chat as opposed to ones with preset options. I’m certainly no saint in this regard - I’ve yelled at people in Overwatch (mostly to defend myself but that doesn’t make it better), but in games where my only communication options are presets or none at all, I had to swallow my anger and yell at my iPad instead.

    I’m proposing this idea that could be more intuitive than chatting “please take care of the Brute that’s surrounded by two Runners”: In team games, you and your teammate get three markers each.
    One says “attack this”, one says “defend this” and one says “support this”. You can put these markers on any space and they’ll reset once it’s your turn again. This will help be more precise with as little words as possible, which is what you probably want on the Switch. :slight_smile:

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