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Alex and I are extremely excited to announce that Hex Gambit will be targeting both Steam and the Nintendo Switch™ console on launch day next year. The Nintendo Switch™ is a perfect fit for our multiplayer focus, allowing you to easily gather friends around the TV for a couple of matches, or knock out a few turns while you’re out doing your thing. We can’t wait to pass some Joy-Con™ controllers around the living room and make Hex Gambit a game night staple!

The Nintendo Switch™ Edition of Hex Gambit will be included as a reward option in our Kickstarter campaign next month. Click here to sign up for an email reminder if you haven’t already.

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  1. Thanks! After E3 I read they’re expanding production, so there shouldn’t be a drought too much longer.

  2. that’s awesome guys! Being on a mainstream console like that is pretty sweet!

    I am still endlessly frustrated though, that’s the only console I don’t have haha. When I say only console I prettymuch mean only console (aside from the super odd ball ones).

    now there will be 2 reasons to buy a switch, zelda and hexgambit! Switch is upping their game!

    I do wonder how it will work though. Sitting around the tv, wouldn’t your friends see all if your information Or is it like chess where it just doesn’t matter?

  3. Wait did I just call that? :astonished:

  4. What Harti said is exactly how I feel. I also worry that the title of the game “hex gambit” will make people think it’s a puzzle game or something like bejeweled.

    I would certainly get one if I owned a switch but there is no reason for me to buy a switch yet. They are starting to get some good games for it, but it’s not quite there for me yet. If zelda only came out for switch I would have bought one, however it came out for Wii U and I already have one of those. Is there any chance (when the game hits the Nintendo store) that it will also be available for the Wii U or does that require a lot of extra work? Also, will the game be download only or will there be a hard copy available? I would love to have a hard copy of the game just for collecting.

    If the switch controllers have the capability of being mobile, that would mean each controller would have to be a console. Can someone please explain to me how this works? If the controllers are that complex they must be pricy.

    Luckily the game will be available for steam, I just hope the switch move isn’t a mistake. Seems like iOS and android would be a much larger and possibly better market. Like Harti said, I really will only consider indie titles on my iOS devices. I have full on big title games like overwatch, and battlefront on pc. It’s still really cool that oml is making it to a console though!!

    Having said all that I think rocket league is an indie game and it’s very successful. Outwitters is my favorite game and it’s not made by a huge production company like blizzard. I hope with all of my heart that this game makes a ton of money for oml, they work hard, make great games, and deserve it. I guess it depends on the marketing because I’m sure there are a lot of people who will love the game if they just give it a chance.

    I’ll do anything I can to help out. Ash and I can stream it on twitch, and I’ll spread the word as far as I can. I’ll give as much as I can for the Kickstarter. Legacy had the amazing idea of starting a subreddit. I really think that will help. Doodat is making it look great so far too.

  5. To be honest: iOS devices and AppleTV could have handled 2v2 on TV screen. And I am sure Google’s solutions manage the task, too. Gathering around computer screen, sharing keyboard and mouse, not for me. Gathering around iPad pro on desk or passing around iPad mini, common way to play with my family. And we have some fun PS3 multiplayer games that are played with multiple controllers. Maybe Hex Gambit feels best with gamepad and not nice at all on touch screen.

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