Metagame Progress


Still a lot of checkboard placeholders to fill in, and I’d like to make a little blimp that circles in the air, but the Hex Gambit metagame is starting to look snazzy. Shout out to Unreal’s advanced cinematic grass blueprint.

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Notable Replies

  1. That’s about how I picture it going. Poor torga getting owned because let’s face it, fire and water are so much more awesome than lame old earth.

    So just to clear something up in my head, if I’m torga and my friend went neptis, does that mean we aren’t allowed to play league 2v2 on a team? That’s going to be rough for me. I have a lot of friends I love playing with and I’m sure some of them will end up on a different faction.

  2. Current plan is to allow you to play with anyone you wish in 2v2.

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