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Hex Gambit Motivator Concept

Another fresh class for Hex Gambit, the Motivator is a very different support unit from Outwitters‘ medic. He’s got a flexible passive ability called “Inspire” to help or hinder units standing beside him, plus a nifty “Shout” that can reactivate a spent character. He’s another of the 5 minions we’ll have playable for Early Access later this year.

Lots of big changes to the alpha this week. We’re messing with shorter play sessions, reducing the Victory Point goals from 20 to 10. In Hex Gambit terms, that’s 5 pillar taps or 10 minion kills to win (or a mix of both), completing a match in about 10 turns. At 1-2 minutes per turn for familiar users, that’s 10-20 minute matches for players that know what they’re doing. Pretty cool to fit a few matches into a single sitting. We’d love to hear your thoughts on that approach in the comments.

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  1. Are you planning on making the game have turn timeouts that are short, or variable? I think it would be worth considering to have it variable, as in when you create the game, you can set whether they are short one-sitting games (time turnout 2 minutes), or long games (multi-day timeouts?).

  2. I like this one. New prof pic for me

  3. How many features we add will have a lot to do with how well the game does in Kickstarter/Early Access. We’d like to have that kind of flexibility for setting up games, if we have the resources. I dunno about 2 minutes for an asynchronous match, though. That’s more like a live play turn limit.

    We’re hoping that being able to see when your opponent is live and watch them take their turns will encourage people to play a few turns or finish out the match, if you’re both around. Unlike in Outwitters, you’ll know if your opponent is in the room watching.

  4. We learned a lot making Outwitters, and we spent a LOT of time experimenting and thinking on Hex Gambit (off and on since 2013). I think you guys are gonna be very happy.

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