Kickstarter Prep


So rather than animating the complete Motivator, I’m shifting focus immediately to the last Early Access minion so we can fill out this nice family portrait for Hex Gambit‘s Kickstarter. I’m giving myself until the end of this week, then it’s pencils down to start putting all this together into a video. It’sĀ a painful thing for an artist, showing off unfinished work, but I’ll suck it up somehow.

If things go smoothly this month, expect to see Hex Gambit on Kickstarter sometime in July! And you definitely don’t want to miss that campaign, because supporting us early comes with an awesome discountĀ plus some cool, limited edition reward stuffs. You’ll also have your foot in the door for the very first season of Hex Gambit: Early Access later this year. The better our Kickstarter and Early Access do, the more minions we can add to the game (I’ve got blueprints for about 17 unique ones). Sign up for an email reminder right here!

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  1. Just look at that motivator standing there like the boss he (she?. It?) Is.

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