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Here’s a look at some of the ability icons I’ve done so far to give you a hint at just what your Soldier, Runner, and Defender will be capable of. Each character comes with three abilities. One is usually a melee (but not always), and the other two can do all sorts of useful stuff.

But you already knew that, so here’s something new: your character’s strongest abilities won’t be available on turn 1. As your match progresses, they’ll gain access to their craziest moves to ratchet up the madness in the late game. A skilled strategist can even leverage a few turns where, say, their Defenders have access to moves that their opponent’s Defenders don’t yet. Later we’ll tell you exactly how that works (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a store or an upgrade tree; it’s super simple and fun).

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Notable Replies

  1. I hope they’re not prone to misclicks :joy:

  2. Hex Gambit will have an UNDO!

  3. So since there are 12 icons here I guess we are seeing the abilitys of a fourth​ unit?
    Also I wonder why the “tap” ability is so golden and majestic, I mean it’s​ just a tap :kissing:

  4. The fiery abilities belong to our hot-tempered captain, Molera. And that ‘tap’ action is for tapping your enemy’s pillar for Victory Points, you’ll see later that’s a hugely important part of the game.

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