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Hex Gambit Runner Concept

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Making their triumphant return from Outwitters are the Runners, your fast-moving, lightweight class of minion. You get a limited stock of each unit based on how strong the character is, and these disposable Runners add more troops to your squad than any other class in the game.

They’re not much good for fighting, but their Dash ability can practically take them from one side of the map to the other without counting as a movement action. That makes them great at surprise attacks, or exploiting any holes in your opponent’s pillar (base) defense. Tapping your enemy’s pillars for Victory Points is one path to a win, and Runners are great at that if you can keep them alive.

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Notable Replies

  1. I see 6 colors of everything, does that mean there might be some 3v3 action?

  2. Three are secondary lighter colors in contrast to the three primary darker colors. The lighter colors are for a second player in 2v2 matches, and I assume they have something to do with the three different factions. I couldn’t imagine there being 3v3, total chaos on small map areas :sweat_smile:

  3. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s red/blue/green for the different factions

  4. What these guys said^. The blue/red/green is determined by your faction alignment, and the lighter versions are for your 2v2 partner. 3v3 might be good if it was all live play, but waiting for your turns to come back around could take a really long time in async.

  5. Yeah I understand, some of my 2v2 matches take almost 2 weeks to get back at times. I don’t mind long wait times though! If I’m not getting enough turns to play I add a game.

    I always thought a 3v3 would be fun on outwitters. It would be insane and hard to keep track of things in replays and think ahead, but man it would be fun!!

    Haven’t played hexgambit yet obviously but it seems like it might be fun in there too.

    Or since there are 3 factions (I guess you wouldn’t want to split one of them up for 3v3) any chance in free for all?

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