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The real stars of Hex Gambit will, of course, be the minions!

In our previous strategy game, Outwitters (with which you may be familiar), you’re able to choose from a number of different races that are largely symmetrical, save for one very expensive special unit. Depending how your opponent plays, you may never get a chance to use that special unit in a match.

In Hex Gambit, we’re going for something more personalized and asymmetrical.

Your actual loadout for a match of Hex Gambit will involve picking a Captain to determine your bonus powers, then choosing any combination of 5 minion types to comprise your squad. We’re aiming for 7 total minion types to pick from at launch, giving you 21 different team combinations to explore. That variety will increase exponentially with each new minion we add.

Another cool feature of Hex Gambit’s minions: they’re all the same cheap price to spawn! So whoever you choose to bring with you, you can send them in as soon as you need them without having to save up. This extra freedom is balanced by unit stock: you can add 2 of the ultra-durable brutes to your crew, or bring 4 of the standard soldiers.

Check back next week for more!

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