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Hex Gambit Defender Concept

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A new game deserves a new class of character! The Defender doesn’t hit as hard as the Soldier or have the reach, but his Blockade ability lets him place temporary barriers to keep your enemies at bay. He can also fortify his teammates with armor, making him a useful support character for offense or defense.

Those of you with some Outwitters experience under your belts may be wondering whether a blockade-placing character would slow the pace of the game down too much (we’ve seen some DENSE Bramble replays). The Defender’s blockade comes with a cooldown and wears off after your opponent’s turn, so it’s a great short-term fix that doesn’t affect the rest of your match like a bramble patch. Movement in general is also a lot more fluid (and free to do) in Hex Gambit than it is in Outwitters, thanks to a cool new moving mechanic that we’ll show off later.

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Notable Replies

  1. Very cute

  2. i don’t care what you add, nothing makes for slow games like bombshells. Keep that in mind. I cringe when I see Acrospire and sweetie plains with scally on both sides.

    I think a new race with a special unit that made their base invincible honestly would not slow games down as much as bombshells potentially could.

    All that aside the defender looks great!

  3. Turtle tactics are definitely something we’ve considered for Hex Gambit. It’s a LOT harder in this game to block someone’s progress around the board. We’ve even got some abilities that let you knock blocking characters out of the way.

  4. That’s great to hear!!

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