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So we’ve got our plan laid out for the year, and the pace is going to be pretty grueling considering how new we are to Unreal and 3d games in general. January is my month for blocking in most of the game’s arena environment, finishing up our first character’s animations, and working out all of the UI. Thankfully, I had a head start on a lot of this artwork at the end of last year. Hopefully by February I’ll be free to focus on the meat of the project: character art!

The shot above is a peek at the current state of our untextured arena. It’s going to look miles better once the details and lighting get finalized!

I should probably take a second to explain what a Hex Gambit is. In a world called Agon, the Hex Gambit is a wildly popular arena sport where contenders engage in live “battle chess”. Each player assumes command of a squad of expendable tin soldiers. Whether you win or lose, your performance will influence a larger metagame, which we’ll show off later in development.

Want to know more about our upcoming turn-based strategy game, Hex Gambit? Stick around! We’ll be posting lots of artwork and details here weekly. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get email reminders when we hit big milestones, like the launch of our Kickstarter, Early Access/beta, and the official release.

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  1. That sounds really cool but

    I hope the idea you have in mind isn’t about dividing the community between Red and Blue, Alliance and Horde, or Plants and Zombies. This really affects balancing stuff down the road because psychologically speaking, you will never manage to get the players equally distributed among factions/teams or even on a more simple level; players of a certain faction may not be able to find matches against the other faction because their own faction outnumbers the rest.

    I hope that made sense :smiley:

  2. We’ve put a lot of thought into balancing factions, looking for a way to let people play with or against their friends without one faction gaining a huge advantage over the others. Nothing is final yet, but we have discussed some mechanisms like overpopulation lockouts and point bonuses for factions with less players. We’ll also be taking into account how many higher-skilled players are on each team.

    Our end goal is to have something for everyone, with certain aspects of the league aimed at more casual players, and some for the more competitive ones. Even if your faction is getting stomped in a given season, we plan to have an individual goal for you to shift focus to.

  3. The matches will still be turn-based like Outwitters, but we’re going to try to add the ability to see when your partners or opponents are online. So if you’re both around, you’ll both know it and you can keep taking your turns.

    We’ll need more playtest data to show exactly how long matches last, but our games tend to take around 20 turns to complete with the current balance.

  4. Steam for sure. The App Store/mobile in general, we might make a stretch goal for our Kickstarter if lots of people want it, or we might choose to skip it. Mobile has become a pretty risky business decision for the kind of games we make.

  5. I do hope it comes to mobile platforms, as I’m the gamer that does most of my gaming on my phone these days.

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