SFT Comes to Tablets Nov 3rd


(Almost forgot to mention, we’re giving away 20 free copies to our mailing list subscribers on launch day like we ALWAYS do!)

Sorry about the week of silence. We needed some time to get these launch details finalized, and Alex took a trip to Seattle for Steam Dev Days, so we were a little off our weekly blog game.

But today we’re happy to announce that our co-op card adventure Space Food Truck is on its way to Android and iOS tablets November 3rd. And with its reduced screen size comes a reduced price of just $9.99! Even better, Alex managed to get the game working cross-platform between iOS, Android, and Steam. It requires you and your crew to manually locate the same session from the Join Game list, but that’s all that stands between you and your differently-deviced friends joining forces for the good of the galaxy.

Learn more about the game at SpaceFoodTruck.com.

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Notable Replies

  1. Space Food Truck GO, catch all 151 recipes in real life!

  2. After this, will you be working on another outwitters type game maybe outwitters 2? :smiley: or is there more sft stuff coming still?

    *crosses fingers

    Woken, wah kapooie, and frosties incoming?! :smiley:

  3. We won’t know for sure what’s next for us until after this guy launches. We release a thing, we look at the numbers, and we make a decision. These are the ways of OML.

    Whenever we do move on from SFT we have a good idea what we’re working on, and it’s PvP stuff we think Ow fans will really like.

  4. sweet!!! I think most people here have been waiting for that for a looooong time!!! sft is awesome and all but outwitters is a special game and the thought of a second one is very exciting

  5. I think we all agree that if OML ever release those unused Outwitter teams we will all be willing to buy each and every one of them individually.

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