The Food Truck will be with you, always


space food truck ipad

While I’ve been developing my 3d art skills, Alex has been tinkering away on our next release: Space Food Truck for iOS and Android tablets! Faithful fans from our mobile days can finally get their hands on our co-op card adventure in a month or so.

You may have noticed I said “tablets” specifically, and that’s because SFT is a game with a lot going on, screen real estate-wise. Things weren’t really clicking for us on smaller screens, so we made an executive decision to focus on making a great tablet experience.

We’ll have a firm release date and price to announce soon!

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  1. Nice work, I love what you guys are doing!!! Not to make a huge work, but can you make it for IOS 9.3 for apple devices because not a lots of people have updated devices (like me)? :sweat_smile::smirk::blush:

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