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The trailer for Space Food Truck‘s tablet edition is coming together nicely, it just needs a release date to tack onto the end! While Alex continues to plug away on that front, I’m working on secret things that we can’t talk about yet. It makes for a quiet blog, but you can always sign up for our mailing list to keep up with big future announcements.

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  1. Secret things you can’t talk about yet as in… like… if you talk about it you’ll go to Top Secret NSA Prison, or just you “can’t” in the sense that you’ve decided it isn’t the right time yet?

  2. Well, we don’t like to distract people from the next thing we’re releasing (SFT for tablets!) by talking about stuff that’s further away, and that may or may not happen. So really I shouldn’t say anything at all, but I get excited.

  3. Adam: If you ever, like, see a cool bird on a tree branch outside your window or something, I’d even like seeing a picture of that on the blog. I’m not that hard to please honestly.

  4. I can say if you like the idea of another Outwitters-type game, you should check in with us after SFT.

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