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In today’s possibly-very-special update to Space Food Truck, we have for you what is called a “release candidate”. That means if nothing major is broken, this will be the official 1.0 version of the game!

There are still tons of features and even new gametypes we’d like to try out if things go well after launch, but what we have at the moment is a great representation of what we originally set out to make: a goofy, sometimes brutal, sometimes hilarious space romp for you and some friends.

So definitely install this version, take it for a spin, and let us know what’s working or not working for you! Email your feedback to bugs at, or start up a discussion on our Steam board. We’ve come a long way thanks to your willingness to play our work-in-progress, so thank you all for helping us get SFT where it is today.

Per usual, we’ll be streaming our playtest of today’s build on Twitch at 2:30pm EST, so stop in and say hi or ask a question (Stream complete! Watch it right here). Here’s the big list of changes in today’s build:


  • Recipes must now be delivered in order, so that the ending makes sense and so people’s food doesn’t get cold.
  • Added some hotkeys for fancy players:
    • I: inventory
    • L: lab
    • B: bridge
    • W: workshop
    • Z: zapmart
    • D: done (ws, lab, bridge, inv)
    • B: back to ship (zapmart)
    • X: next phase
    • E: end turn
    • G: give card
    • C: continue (in event/arrivals)
    • A: damage (in event/arrival)
    • D: dodge (in event/arrival)
    • Escape: bring up sys menu
    • R: resupply
    • Space bar: punch it
    • D: dock ship
    • S: shield upgrade
    • E: engine upgrade
  • Added a tutorial pop-up for first timers.
  • If a rare ingredient is in your resupply, you can’t continue without claiming it.


  • Added timeouts for joining the game in various online scenarios.
  • Added an error message for trying to buy a card outside of the purchase phase.
  • Mutate instructions dynamically update cost when mutating cards.
  • Added plenty of new sound effects for various card abilities.
  • Added SFX for ejecting cards from loot screen.
  • Updated upgrade ship text.
  • Polished ending animation.
  • Updated wording on Gamma Toaster.


  • Fixed placement of the log window for non-1080p resolutions.
  • Fixed a crash bug involving playing exchangitron repeatedly.
  • Fixed rendering overlap issues with draw pods and card hands.
  • Fixed a bug where pirates wouldn’t steal cards.
  • Fixed bug where gamma toasting a Vexyl would increase it’s negative value to -2.
  • Fixed bug where inventory would load the wrong screen in co-op games for spectating players.
  • Fixed online bug where games could de-sync if players all readied up at very different times.
  • Fixed Vexyl image on cards to be rounded.
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