Space Food Truck launches at 4pm ET


Today at 4pm ET Space Food Truck will officially leave Early Access to become our first Steam release! Feels like a good time to thank all of our early adopters again for their patience and their feedback, which was tremendously helpful in getting the game this polished and balanced. It really wouldn’t be the same game without you guys.

I should also mention we’re launching at 10% off for the first week only! That means you can still get our discounted Early Access price for a little while longer. There may be a slight lag between SFT leaving Early Access and our discount being applied, so try back a little later if you aren’t seeing the 10% off.

25 lucky mailing list subscribers have been sent their free SFT Steam keys, but we still have more keys to give away during our Twitch stream today at 2:30pm ET. Stop by to check out the game in action, ask us anything, and maybe get a free key.

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