SFT leaves Early Access March 25


After months of improvements in Early Access, our cooperative card adventure Space Food Truck is finally ready for a real release date: March 25. This new-and-improved launch trailer shows off some of the progress we’ve made, though it really doesn’t do justice to all the stuff we changed. Just scroll down the last few weeks of blog posts and look at those lists. Lists on lists on lists.

We didn’t know what to expect when we started our first Early Access, but we really couldn’t have have gotten the game to this level of polish without you guys. Your feedback and game data (if you volunteered it) helped guide our decision-making as we tweaked the characters’ jobs, balanced the item decks, added new difficulties, and tightened up our user interactions. Thanks for jumping aboard early and pitching in!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Space Food Truck Early Access (which will update to the full version of the game), you might want to sign up for our mailing list. We’re giving away free copies of SFT on release day to 25 lucky subscribers!

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Notable Replies

  1. Congrats guys!

  2. After this game gets released, Game 6 will be our next mystery. :relaxed:

  3. I don’t even think outwitters two is necessary. Just throwing in some maps would be excellent. Some of those created maps from omc 1.22 should be easy enough to implement. Possibly adding a new team would be great. Also generating some press for the game would be nice. It’s s a shame such a well made game gets overlooked all the time for rubbish that just looks pretty. I also think if they included some items that were only temporary but cost like a dollar for a month or something to allow a player to start with an extra wit/wits, unit, etc. Generate a constant revenue for a very small competitive edge that I’m sure many players wouldn’t mind paying for.

    All I know is I played this game for a long time, took a long hiatus and played many many other mobile games. This one is still far superior to most mobile games, hands down. That’s the main reason I came back. It’s just that good.

  4. Well OML did draw up a concept (maybe multiple) for Outwitters 2. It could possibly happen!

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