It Mooooves…


Looking at the list of changes for today’s update to Space Food Truck, I think Alex must’ve been on a week-long Monster binge. Our terrifying alien is animated, and lots of long-awaited tweaks have been tweaked as we continue our march toward a final version next month (Pun intended! Next month is March).

We’ll be livestreaming a playtest of this build at 2:30pm EST today on our Twitch channel, so stop in and ask us anything! We’ll be posting the video to our YouTube afterward if you miss it.

Here’s the mighty list o’ fixes this week:


  • You can now undo the follow abilities in most situations: Backtrack, Cook, Discard Dive, Flambe, Free Sample, Research, Foresight, Breakthrough, Fast Track, Trusty Wrench, Duct Tape, and Claw.
  • Added an icon for players with broken draw pods on the ship.
  • The Draw Pod next to your hand now looks broken if it is.
  • You can now back out of the ZapMart purchase phase if you haven’t bought a card.
  • Vexyl cards display -1 Worth, to help clarify their effect on your total Worth.


  • Added animations for the Terrifying Monster That Lives in Our Vents.
  • Polished up Inventory UI.
  • Minor color tweaks to recipe HUD.
  • Added new text for exotic ingredients found on planets.
  • Added music to the victory screen.
  • Added SFX for burnilizer card selection.
  • Added SFX for flambe selection.
  • Changed dodging sound effect.
  • Improved font rendering on cards.
  • Added a minor tool tip for new players during the Purchase Phase.
  • Life Support and Invasions now trigger mini-explosion animations to clarify where damage is coming from.
  • Improved notifications for science lab events.
  • Improved mouse/card collision detection for hand.


  • Fixed bug in Captain’s Orders where UI would get stuck.
  • Fixed bug where doing 2 Gamma Toasts back-to-back would hang up UI.
  • Fixed bug where 2 cards being destroyed at turn’s end via Gamma Toast would stack.
  • Fixed mouse over issues around draw pods and hands.
  • Fixed potential bug with Crisis showing up and causing an error.
  • Fixed bug where invasion icons would disappear.
  • Fixed bug where ZapMart would be slightly offscreen after HP damage.
  • Fixed bug where hands would get stuck onscreen during game over.
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