Adam & Alex vs. Thai Hot – Take 3


Space Food Truck continues to be polished and purged of bugs this week. There was even some discussion of possible March release dates today! That announcement is coming soon.

You can check our Twitch stream from earlier today below, where Alex and I gave away a free copy of Space Food Truck every time our ship took HP damage. Was today the day we finally conquered Thai Hot on camera? And if not, was it totally Alex’s fault? You’ll have to watch to find out!

And as always, here’s the list of improvements to this week’s build:


  • Gamma Toasting a card multiple times will now correctly stack.
  • Breakthrough now correctly reduces the lab costs to their minimum starting value, even if it could only reduce the cost by 1.


  • “Destroy Nothing” button is now disabled upon selecting a card during Burnilizer.
  • Moving to your room via job cards now shows correct error message when the Terrifying Monster blocks your path.
  • Inventory screen now follows what the player is looking at when you are in ‘watch’ mode online.
  • Updated game log icon to be more representative of its function.
  • Added sounds for the Terrifying Monster that Lives in Our Vents.
  • Audio that plays in the ship view no longer bleeds into other scenes (no more character chatter while in flight or in galaxy view).


  • Fixed a dimming bug with crises and the diplomabot.
  • Fixed a few bugs involving combinations of the Flux Inverter and Gamma Toaster.
  • Fixed potential bug in the Give Card UI that would cause hang ups.
  • Fixed a visual bug with cards bursting into green flames.
  • Fixed bug where clicking on pods was disabled in online games during other players’ turns.
  • Fixed a bug where online games would de-sync after 20ish turns in loot screen and hang up.
  • Fixed card item text being cut off.
  • Fixed bug where Mimicube would display the card it’s currently mimicking when rolled over in the lab.
  • Fixed visual bug with Captain’s Orders while dragging characters.
  • Fixed button labeling issue for some screens in co-op games.
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