Outwitters 2.0 Arrives March 12th


Outwitters ArtThings have been a little hectic at the office this week, but we are finally able to announce that Outwitters 2.0 will be hitting Android and iOS devices this week. Thursday March 12th to be exact! That means you Apple folk still have a few more days to warm up before the Androids arrive.

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  1. Is there going to be a new season rolling over with the update?

  2. Taken verbatim from the Witter’s Digest

    With Outwitters 2.0 launching soon, we will be wrapping up Season 6 and transitioning to Season 7 for league rankings in the next couple of days.

    What does this mean? Your current rank and league will be permanently enshrined into your profile, and you will be placed back into placement. When Season 7 starts, you will have to finish 1 placement match and it will place you in a new division with new peers. This does not remove your accrued skill rating used for matchmaking!

    Can you make it to the top before time runs out?

  3. Cross-platform play is fully functional. Cross-platform accounts are not. You have to use that platform’s respective gaming account to use Outwitters.

  4. Do you mean the “Restore Purchases” button at the bottom of the page in the in-game store? If so then yes, pressing that is what just results in the game hanging.

    I think the clue is that prices are just completely missing from the green boxes in the in-game store.

  5. Cool, thanks again for being so responsive. I can count on one hand how many game apps I’ve paid for, and there’s only one of them I’m still playing: Outwitters. You guys have developed something really special, and I won’t be surprised when it continues to take the world by storm. Thanks for keeping up the community side of things while continuously looking to improve your product. We notice, even if we don’t always communicate it effectively.


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