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We had a few pesky bugs slip into the Outwitters 2.0 App Store update, but we’ve rushed out a fix to clean them up. If you know anyone who experienced these problems, let them know we’ve got it patched!
Outwitters Sketchbook

  • Fixed permanent black screen when leaving a game.
  • Fixed crash when signing in with a large number of Game Center friends.
  • Fixed a few sorting issues in your turn list.
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  1. Apple says:

    The permanent black screen is definitely fixed. Thanks a lot!

  2. I am MOSTLY interested in the digital artwork you keep adding to each blog post.

    So artsy.

  3. So far so good… But ive noticed that the problems for me have taken a while to show up…

    Fingers crossed…

  4. A number of my friends and 2v2 partners have had a similar problem after updating. deleting the app, turning off and on the idevice and reinstalling from the App store helped in all cases I am aware of.

  5. xoc says:

    Seems to have fixed the problem where every third or fourth game would crash the whole app on a turn, and then take you back a few moves (thus defeating the fog of war to some degree).

    I’ve noticed a new bug though. The replay is not accurate at least some of the time. For instance, I had a game where the last move on the replay was definitely a heal. The replay ended so soon after the heal that you could easily miss it. However, when I immediately went to kill the healer where they must have been, they were long gone, so clearly there was a ninja move that wasn’t shown in the

    Going in to a manual replay to double check that I wasn’t losing my mind revealed more problems. The scout that was healed to a health of 2 was showing as a health of 1 (in the “my turn” section of the replay). My move was to hit it (since the healer was gone) and it went from 1 to 1.

    New art looks great. Looking forward to seeing the new abilities.

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