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I think I’ve used this post title before, but I like it too much not to use it more often. Just got a beta build out yesterday that finishes implementing all the menus (so… many… menus) for the tablet version of what we’re calling Outwitters 2.0. Still bug squashing and working in the death animations and sound effects, but we’re almost there!

Alex would like me to remind you to follow us on twitter, where he posts new developments more frequently than we do here, often using significantly less words! Just yesterday he dug up these old logo designs from the embryonic days of Outwitters, when we were thinking about maybe just calling it Outwits.

Outwitters Logo Concepts

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  1. I see a few Veggienaut details in the more pictorial logos. It’s like they were meant for initial release.

  2. Yep! The first two teams I mocked up were the Feedback and the Adorables. Veggienauts came next (though we were calling them the Naturals at the time), and the Scallywags came last. I actually designed the Scallywags at the same time as those other cut teams we showed off a while back (the Woken, Frosties, etc). People liked the Scally characters, so we pushed the Veggies off for an update.

  3. That explains the teaser picture with the Veggie soldier burying an Adorables soldier.

    Hmm, the scrapped teams remind me. Have they ever been beta tested? Or did they not have an assigned special ability?

  4. They had ideas, like the woken would create zombies that sort of ran on autopilot, and the wah-kapooie had totems with proximity effects. But we never got them to the balancing/beta-testing phase.

  5. Apple says:

    Very observant, Chemeoum.

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