Outwitters 2.0 Trailer


We just couldn’t launch a major update for Outwitters without giving the trailer a face lift. Those jaw-dropping scrambler maneuvers are actually real replays from forum regulars Apple 9763 and Alvendor.

Coming in March: Outwitters 2.0 with faster load times, better frame rates, and cross platform play between iOS and Android! For an email reminder on launch day you can sign up for our mailer, or follow us on facebook, twitter, or this very blog.

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Notable Replies

  1. Apple says:

    I like how the hexes highlighted when clicking a unit now disappear in a visually appealing way when clicking on something else. I’m ready to introduce a few friends to Outwitters soon.

  2. Man, I’ve been phasing out my Outwitters play, but that trailer almost inspired me to change my mind.

  3. Very cool trailer indeed!!

  4. Huh, never had the thought before, but the music reminds me of the Addam’s Family.

  5. Apple says:

    I you’re talking about playing Outwitters on a Kindle, then the answer is no.

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