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Still creeping forward on the Outwitters port this week, inching ever closer to our big cross-platform release. Alex is wrapping up the iPad/tablet versions of everything while I recreate the old tutorial animations in the new engine. It’s all taking about twice as long as we expected, but the upshot is we’ll have a great framework in place if we decide to make another turn-based strategy game.

We’re just about to start the spit and polish portion of development, and both of us are super-excited to get this thing out into the world next month.

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  1. Enemy base says: “Do please hit me until I explode!”

    Met one girl I showd her the tutorial and she gave me a blank “I don’t get it” after that line. Lol

  2. Cool with a cross-platform relese, this game certainly deserves a bigger audience! Best of luck with that!

    One thing though, please fix the bombshell turtling problem.

    The only reason I am not still playing this excellent game is because sooner or later I will start a few games and end up with all of them with someone doing heavy turtling with the bombshell. This is a gamebreaker in imho, such games are sooo boring and dragged out. The fact that the bombshell is part of the free-to-play version don’t help.

    Please fix this, and I will be back in the game, and happily do some more in-game purchases! (Bought most of the stuff in the current game already)

  3. @onealexleft I’ve seen the above complaint a lot; have you considered changing the free team to Feedback or something? I feel like it would make the game more interesting both for new players and for everyone in general because most people seem to think that Feedback is a fun team to play, both as and against.

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