Outwitters Google Play beta is open


android144We’ve been working pretty hard on wrapping up our Outwitters port to Android. Not to leave our iOS users in the dust, this update does a lot to bring Outwitters up to speed on iOS as well. Some of the new features coming to both platforms:

  • Higher frame rates for smoother animations
  • Faster push notifications, allowing for ‘blitz’ play, where one can sit in-game and simply wait for a turn to refresh their game board live!
  • Minor touch-ups and add-ons to UI, such as viewing your friends’ rank before inviting them to a game.
  • Faster transitions/loading between game and main menu

As well as iPhone 6/6+ support for iOS. Anyone that wishes to take our beta for a spin and give feedback/report bugs on Google Play or iOS please sign up via your respective platform in our beta thread.

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