Game 4, Gauntlet’s Revenge, is finally complete; another proud entry in One Man Left’s hall-o’-games. A hearty thank you to everyone that deemed it worthy of a download! We wish you the very best of luck in your campaign against the dot bots. Above is a YouTube playthrough we found for Lockdown on normal, and he finishes with only one man left! We’d love to see videos like this for hard mode, if any of you have the skill (here’s how).

There’s no denying the game is tough. We aimed to give you a real challenge to conquer, not just busy work. With practice, focus, and strategy these courses are doable, and telling your friends “I beat the Dot King” will really carry some weight. So far, only 29 human beings on planet Earth can make that claim!

And speaking of Gauntlet’s Revenge, would you help us find a good home for these App Store promo codes?

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7 responses to “Launched”

  1. Paul says:

    Thank you so much for the codes One Man Left! I’ve been a fan since the original Tilt to Live, and this was a nice surprise!
    (I redeemed the fourth code).

  2. Apple says:

    Now you can add me to that list, which makes 30 people.
    But here’s my main question:
    What are you guys planning to do, now that the game is completed? An Outwitters 2(hopefully)? Or are there going to be new updates for Gauntlet’s Revenge? Or maybe a completely new game?

  3. rezn says:

    Incredible game! I wouldn’t expect anything less. I own all the Tilt titles and never tire on any of them.

  4. Guest says:

    How many have beaten the dot king on hard?

    • Chemoeum says:

      I beat the Dot king a lot but not on hard mode, however. That’s really difficult to do.

      • Guest says:

        Yeah, that’s why I wonder? Has anyone been able to do it?!

        And I must add: It is a great game (hard, but great). Good work OML!