Assume the Position


Custom Position
Probably the most important decision we make when designing a Tilt to Live game is: What will the custom tilt position button look like?

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13 responses to “Assume the Position”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The second one 😀 looks funny

  2. Chemoeum says:


  3. Avenged110 says:

    I love the one on the right. That’s hilarious

  4. S.Me51 says:

    I vote for the one on the right.

  5. The first one is a little unclear and not as interesting. The second is pretty awesome, but technically it is the top-down tilt.

  6. Takareer says:

    The second one, for sure.

  7. AUG1E says:

    This cracks me up every time.

    I’ve fallen in love with this game’s sense of humor. Will you marry me?

  8. Wiser says:

    Why choose just one when you could have several and just cycle to to the next one each time it’s brought up? 😛

  9. Chemoeum says:

    Wiser is getting wise. Right, Wiser?

  10. suomynonA says:

    use the 2nd one!

  11. DaBeast666 says:

    The second one is better!

  12. Legacyyyyyyy says:

    You should put a small OW reference in it like a mobi on the screen. The second one for sure, though

  13. Scott says:

    The first one is nice & simplistic. I prefer it.

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