The Switchblade


Switchblade conceptsClick to enlarge

These are concepts for a new enemy type called a Switchblade. He was either going to end up like a robotic hammerhead shark, or a wider version of Tilt to Live 2‘s Skewer knives, (which will also make an appearance in this game).

In Gauntlet’s Revenge, we’re evolving the dots into a whole new race called the Dot Bots. They’ll still fire themselves at you as bullets, but so far we have no plans of loosing individual dots at you. Obviously, the story and airtight internal logic is what everyone plays Tilt to Live for. This should hopefully make our enemies about 1,000x more interesting to draw.

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2 responses to “The Switchblade”

  1. Chemoeum says:

    Airrrr-planes… Aiiirrrrrr-planes… Airplanes.

  2. Avenged110 says:

    Will there be a mode in this game with just dots? Like the classic version.

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