Announcing Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge


Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge

Gauntlet mode first appeared in the original Tilt to Live. Rather than hopping from weapon to weapon, it was about navigating a parade of deadly traps with precision and good timing. It was a fun mode, but there were a few things we wish we’d done better. The difficulty was fairly flat, and the enemy formations lacked variety. We retooled it for Tilt to Live HD as a single screen bullet hell mode, but we always wanted another crack at that “precision endless runner”, “tilt platformer” feel.

When it came time to think up a second DLC for Tilt to Live 2, getting a chance to finally do Gauntlet justice was high on our list. Once a few enemies and track pieces were in the prototype, all sorts of interesting ideas came up. What if you could reach some kind of bonus room if you survived long enough? I have a lot of leftover obstacle ideas; what if we did a few different Gauntlets?

Rather than cutting our ideas down to make DLC for Tilt to Live 2, we’re running with them in our first Tilt to Live spin-off: Gauntlet’s Revenge. Development is already underway for iOS and Android, and we expect to be ready for release later this year. You can keep up with our progress on this blog, or sign up for an email reminder when the game is released.

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19 responses to “Announcing Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge”

  1. Gauntlet (on TTL1) was always my favorite mode. I see you guys are using some graphical elements from Outwitters. I like the tie-in.

  2. t0panka says:

    So this is separate game? TTL2 is dead now? Not that much content you promise to add and also first DLC/update was paid. Now you abandon TTL2 and making new app rather than DLC (should be free update as you said before realeasing TTL2) also another icon on my screen for one game. Sad story and sorry but i will not continiue to support you. I dont mind paying for your work at all but this move is just low from you guys!

  3. Adam says:

    @t0panka: First, we do appreciate you supporting us as long as you have. Free updates are great, but they take about 3 months to put together (plus the music and SFX we have to buy). The game has to be making a lot of money already for that to not be a very risky business move, and TtL2 never got there.

  4. Cozyhut3 says:



  5. Adam says:

    Wow… all of these Outwitters nods you guys are noticing were completely subconscious. Now that you point them out, I think I have unresolved issues.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I sometimes think that all of these moves you throw at the audience are making them feel like they don’t want to play your games anymore. I’m pretty sure what you guys have in mind are deceptive to what your audience may think you guys are actually doing. And sometimes I feel like they need to think about the work you put into your amazing games, or even about some of your financial debt that you guys had to go through. Remember Outwitters, an amazing game that created a huge financial crisis? And TtL2, a sequel to your first game that people feel isn’t just right to carry what TtL had? Just so you know, I am a supporter who actually appreciates what you guys do, and actually appreciates the work and effort you guys put forth. I’m not all I’m not blaming you guys, I’m blaming some of your audience.

    And I will wait for your newest game, in which the graphic design, the gameplay, and the music will most likely impress me. I don’t care about “cheap” moves, because they might just save OML someday.

  7. Chemoeum says:

    I see you’ve added that fist from Outwitters on the slidey door, but with spikes. For some reason, I think Outwitters (or even its unused content) is going to show its face in this game.

  8. Cozyhut3 says:

    You darn better have unresolved issues, you glorious son of a gun.

  9. DaBeast666 says:

    Will you have the same beta testers as ttl2 or will we have to re-apply?

  10. Avenged110 says:

    As long as you have another Gauntleteer achievement! And plenty of nods to Tilt to Live 1 🙂

  11. Sarion says:

    Not a good news for this decision. I will not pay for it again. TtL2 is also not as good as I expected.

  12. Kurt says:

    Im actually really disappointed its a separate app actually. Having payed for tilt to live 2 around its launch, I expected new weapons, levels, just the all round great support that you guys were know for with the first game. I thought the second game was really fun.

    Seeing it die already is very disappointing, I really wanted this to be more DLC. Very disappointed.

  13. Cozyhut3 says:

    Oh my holy shoot guys. This game is the equivalent of a gamemode DLC, just sold as a separate app… OML is trying to get their name more widespread so that they can make Outwitters 2 profitable!

    We can’t deny it with all the hints Adam drops. BEST DAY EVAR

  14. Bbobb555 says:

    Guys, why does it matter whether it’s a TTL2 DLC or a separate app? It really doesn’t make any difference at all.

  15. Bbobb555 says:

    I’m really excited for the new app. How long do you estimate it will take to develop?

  16. Chemoeum says:

    Seeing this, I’m pretty excited. But I was also hoping you guys would develop a new fresh idea. Drop TTL and Outwitters for a bit, you know? And come up with another original idea or concept. Hope it’ll be the very next project afterwards or something.

  17. @Adam: Really? Those Outwitters tie-ins were subconcious? I don’t entirely believe that since you have three: the Feedback symbol, the Titan fist, and the hex tiles. 😀

    Positive feedback! 🙂
    Encouragement! 🙂

    Looking forward to more updates.

  18. Oh says:

    I. Love. Gauntlet.

  19. Oh says:

    Kinda sad seeing TTL2 dying out though. Wish you had just made TTL:GR DLC.

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