Truly Freedonkulous


Tilt to Live 2 ScreenshotOur more astute fans may have noticed that Tilt to Live 2: Freedonkulous is no longer available on any stores. It must be true, because I didn’t even make the name a link to anything just now. We had some issues with the app, and made the decision to pull it from the store until we could figure out how to fix them.

But dry your teary eyes now. Because to make it up to anyone that missed out on Freedonkulous, the REAL non-lite versions of Tilt to Live 2 AND the original Tilt to Live have both been set to free on the App Store for a limited time! This is not a thing that happens, so act fast before you miss out. One caveat for our Android fans: we don’t actually have a way to set a game from paid to free and back on Android, so we’ve reduced the price as low as it can go for you.

Our second TtL2 DLC has taken a very interesting turn, so check back for news on that next week.

10 responses to “Truly Freedonkulous”

  1. Chemoeum says:

    Thanks Adam, for having me search up “astute” and “caveat!” The more you know…

  2. Somthing says:

    Thanks Chemoeum, for having me search “astute” and “caveat” 🙂

  3. Bbobb555 says:

    Thanks for making me three-finger-tap astute and caveat!

  4. Chemoeum says:

    OML, enlarging our brains and making up games. 😀

  5. Cozyhut3 says:

    OML needs to make a vocabulary-based game next.

  6. patrickpeng168 says:

    What about Tilt to Live HD? Is that full version free too? (Because its and in-app purchase). And what about the other IAPs?

  7. Avenged110 says:

    Thanks commenters for making me feel like a dictionary 😀

  8. Max says:

    Yeah, what about TTL HD?

    iPads are people too! (I know they technically aren’t, but people with iPads are!)

  9. Avenged110 says:

    I’m sure Tilt to Live HD is still available for purchase as usual since it sounds like some of you are interested in it.

  10. Chemoeum says:

    TtL HD was free for about forever.