Deleted Scene


Brimstone Pinball Giant Bumper Baddies

Here’s an enemy type that we sadly had to cut from Brimstone Pinball in order to meet our deadline: Giant Bumper Baddies. They moved much slower, but took like 10 brimstone hits to take down. We had them working up to a point, but they did some very odd things with the physics, exploded if another bumper spawned on top of them, and died in one hit from the superball and star beam like everything else, which was pretty anti-climactic. It would have taken a lot of retooling to do them justice, so we had to give them the axe.

We’re still working hard on Tilt to Live 2 DLC 2, which we’re going to have to come up with a better name for. Once it gets a bit prettier and more fleshed out, we’ll be ready to “reveal” it and “market” it at you.

3 responses to “Deleted Scene”

  1. Alon says:

    Ye like this mode is not hard enough… I think the purple laser guys will suffice

  2. Avenged110 says:

    @Alon Honestly! Screw the laser guys haha

  3. Chemoeum says:

    Freedonkulous is v1.2.6 and Refonkulous is v1.2.5. Haha, did find some small differences between the two.