Tilt to Live 2 Soundtrack: Free for a Day!


This promotion is over now. RIP, Frederick.

Did you know that today is Free Soundtrack Day? It’s the one day each year that we remember the sacrifices of Frederick P. Soundtrack, a man who gave all of his music away for free until he finally starved and died. And his family, who depended on him to earn a living, also starved and died. And so, we celebrate by setting the Tilt to Live 2 Soundtrack to FREE for a day, from now until whenever I remember to switch it back tomorrow, or until we run out of free download credits from Bandcamp. Whichever comes first.

If all goes according to plan, you can expect Tilt to Live 2’s Brimstone Pinball update to arrive next Thursday!

7 responses to “Tilt to Live 2 Soundtrack: Free for a Day!”

  1. Cozyhut3 says:

    First Greninja for Smash 4, now this! Awesome!

  2. Chemoeum says:

    I think I’ve had the most fun listening to this track than the others. Haha

  3. Chemoeum says:

    … The Pinball one.

  4. alon says:

    Noooo how could I missed it

  5. alon says:

    No wait I am an idiot it’s still free

  6. Adam says:

    @Cozy: Whaaaaat? I hadn’t heard that Smash Bros news. I think I’ll have to stick with Mega Man, though. My childhood demands it.

  7. Cozyhut3 says:

    @Adam: Charizard was also confirmed to be his own character now. That’s all for now, folks.