Brimstone Pinball is Live!


Brimstone PinballToday is the day! You can add the new Brimstone Pinball DLC to your Tilt to Live 2 lineup for a mere 99ยข. It’s practically a whole new game, with a fresh lineup of enemies and 15 tricky achievements to conquer. To help you get started climbing the leaderboards, we’ve assembled a list of tips to maximize your score:

  • Hitting a star wall is worth the same amount of points as killing a bumper baddie, and it’s quicker.
  • Dribbling 3x on a star wall triggers the star beam, which clears a portion of the screen. These kills are worth more than double the norm.
  • Double, triple, and multi-kills each provide a score bonus, so when you can, kill in groups.
  • Dribbling an enemy to death (not touching any walls) is a perfect kill, worth 5x the norm.
  • Superball kills are also worth 5x the norm. Try filling the screen with enemies before you fill those background stars!

Never resting, because we are machines, we’re already winding up production on a small side project. More on that soon.

14 responses to “Brimstone Pinball is Live!”

  1. Chemoeum says:

    Dat poster…

  2. Avenged110 says:

    I’ve been playing this non-stop since yesterday. It’s more fun than I thought it would be and that makes me happy. Great work gentleman.

  3. Chemoeum says:

    I also can’t wait on seeing that small side project, that may sure be a big one!

  4. alon says:

    Once again oml proved to be a good way to wast money

  5. Anonymous says:

    For me it’s not even out yet? :O

  6. Harti says:

    For me it’s not even out yet? :O

  7. Cozyhut3 says:

    Small side project, they said.

    Winding up production, they said.

    Something something Outwitters, they didn’t say.

    Yet. ;~;

  8. Harti says:

    a) sorry for my double post, server was lagging.
    b) it’s all fixed now, pay me no mind! ๐Ÿ™‚
    c) great job!

  9. Austin says:

    Hey What gives I bought the game and I can not have pinball brimestone

  10. Bbobb555 says:

    How do i restore purchases

  11. Adam says:

    @Austin: I understand your frustration, but think about it this way: Brimstone Pinball took about 3 months of labor for two people, plus costs for sound effects and music. We’re not really ballin’ enough to give away that much work for free. We did try really hard to make it worth your 99ยข, so we hope you’ll give it a shot.

  12. makitango says:

    I really have no problem paying for the DLC, even for more than the 99 cent lowballing-yourselves. But the wording got me thinking that it would have been a simple update, like Code Red, Gauntlet, Frostbite or SP Viva la Torret on the original, rather than a simple DLC (even if that was what I was expecting, you guys worked a sweet time on this and truly deserve to be paid for that). Please just consider being less promising when it comes to such things as promotions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Alex says:

    @makitango While we never stated it would be free in anything we announced for brimstone pinball, I can see how the expectation was that it would be free given the previous game. We’re marking sure it’s more explicit in the future in regards to DLC.