Brimstone Soccer? We’re getting warmer…


Brimstone Soccer

This was an idea we thought had some promise: bat the brimstone into goals that appear along the arena’s edge, while beating up some new and more durable enemy types. The little ice bricks would destroy your brimstone on impact, so you wanted to try to dribble around those. There was also a shot clock component, where you’d either lose your combo or die if it ran out before you could score your next goal.

Baddy Sketches

The prototype felt decent, but it just wasn’t that fluid. It was while we were spit balling ideas for improvement that this mode took on a whole new life. Next week, we’ll finally show you what you can expect for the first Tilt to Live 2 expansion.

6 responses to “Brimstone Soccer? We’re getting warmer…”

  1. Chemoeum says:

    This is pure yes

  2. Alex says:

    Love your Android app!

  3. Akshay Jumani says:

    so is this gonna be a normal update or in App purchase? also, any chance I’d immersive mode?

  4. washington says:

    please help in this 1.2.4 android update the game closes when i touch almost everything on the game, i have a sony sk17 with 4.0.4

  5. jammille miranda says:

    sir pls fix it on sony xperia tipo dual i want this games when my brother play this games i want to play tilt to live but its not working on me pls fix it on 4.0.4.. thank you

  6. Da7me says: