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December was a nice change of pace. We got to spend some time exploring new game design tools and playing with some non-Tilt-to-Live game ideas. But 2014 has arrived, and we’re back on track with some pretty ambitious timetables for Tilt to Live 2.

Alex is venturing into the unknown, attempting to get the game running on a few Android devices over the next couple of weeks. It’s not a sure thing, we’re just dipping a toe to see how deep that rabbit hole goes.

We’ve also narrowed down ideas for Tilt to Live 2’s new mystery gametype, which I’m working on character and arena concepts for while Alex is occupied. We’ll be jumping right into that once the Android tangent is wrapped up, one way or the other. Keep an eye on this blog to see how things are coming along, or sign up for our mailer to get an email reminder when we release something new.

9 responses to “Back to Work”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do it.

  2. Chemoeum says:

    What happened to the exclusive touch of OML to the people of Apple?

    Oh well, your games must be viewed by everyone in the world. May OML go worldwide, dimensional, universal!

  3. Avenged110 says:

    That’s too bad

  4. Plexel says:

    Do you guys NOT want Andriod people to enjoy the funness of TTL2? That’s just cold…

  5. Chemoeum says:

    I do want it on Android. Although it isn’t that relevant to people who don’t even use Android.

  6. Plexel says:

    I don’t use Android. I agree it might take time to transfer it; time that might be spent on the new game mode. But honestly, there are tons of Android users out there, and the money they make off that might be enough to get Outwitters back in business.

  7. Leonardo42one says:

    I’d love to see it on Android. I played the First game on my IPod, but now I have an Android device, so I have allways hoped you’ll port it.

  8. CurtisM says:

    I NEED AN ANDROID VERSION IN MY LIFE ASAP. I played the original on my IPod touch a few years back but now all I’ve got is my nexus 5… Make it happen OML!

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