Tilt to Live 2 Update 1.1


Redonkulous 1.1 is now live on the App Store! Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • Added Tilt Sensitivity slider, and increased the default sensitivity for tighter control.
  • You can now turn on Old School mode to play with NO bosses and NO revives. Just you against the dots!
  • Fixed some crashing issues for older devices.
  • Records page now properly tracks your Code Red stats.

And we’re not stopping here… Stay tuned.

26 Responses to “Tilt to Live 2 Update 1.1”

  1. Samoth says:

    “Fixed some crashing issues for older devices.”

    Does it include ipod touch 4G? :)

  2. Avenged110 says:

    @Samoth No. Theoretically memory consumption is reduced in this build (hence the reduction in crashes) but that device just doesn’t have the graphical power to run the game effectively. That isn’t going to change.

  3. Arvin says:

    Is One Man Left Studios officially just making games iOS exclusives?

  4. Someone21 says:

    @Arvin Haven’t they been doing that all this time?

  5. Ben Taborek says:

    I suggest in the highscore you show the player’s highscore not the global one like in tilt to live 1! or at least make it an option :)

  6. Mann says:

    Hey.. It always crashes in my ipad2 everytime I hit retry.. I need to re run the game again to be able to play.. 😕 hope you can fix it.

  7. Bob says:

    Yeah, like Mann said, mine also is crashing when I either hit retry, or go back to the main menu. I’m on an iPod Touch 5g. It didn’t used to happen, so guessing it’s a memory problem, so will restart at some point, which I’m guessing might fix it for a while.

    Other than that, love the update, it’s so nice not being interrupted by bosses all the time! Still agree that some of the weapon animations are a bit annoying though.

    So for example:
    -Lightsabre weapon – would love this to just show up on the player, without the slight pause and the borders. Don’t mind the music though, I think thats cool. I just don’t like how those unnecessary effects break the flow.
    -Satellite Weapon – like the animation to begin with, but like others have said, gets tedious after a while. Would be great if the beam just appeared, nice and quick.

    I think all the other weapons are nice and quick, so these are the only 2 I can think of which break the flow. I’d guess that part of the reason you do this is to cover up loading times for those weapons (maybe?), but if not, then I think they’re just a bit pointless and annoying. Maybe old school mode could disable these effects as well, if not a separate option. If they are mainly to cover up loading times, then that’s understandable, but I hope you can find a way of improving this.

  8. Erel says:

    After the update I was able to run the app on my iPod Touch 4G 32GB, but after each game its crushing.

  9. Samoth says:

    “that device just doesn’t have the graphical power to run the game effectively”

    Bullshit. It has the graphical power, it’s just that you don’t want to loose time by working on this…

    When you see other games way more complex and which need more graphical performances running on an ipod touch 4G, you can’t just say “it is not enough powerful”

    It’s a shame that even developers play Apple’s game…

  10. Avenged110 says:

    Think about it in terms of the power the fourth generation iPod touch actually has. It has enough graphical power to run games designed explicitly for it or older hardware, much like Tilt to Live 1 was built at a time when the A4 wasn’t even released. TTL 2 was designed at a time when much more power is available and the game was built to take advantage of it. In order for OML to retool the software to run smoothly on an A4 (or lower) chip, it would come at the expense of some of the heavy graphical effects of the game as it currently stands. That can be done, but apparently Adam and Alex would prefer to ship the game with the new animations rather than dumbing it down to function on older hardware. There’s nothing wrong with that. They shouldn’t have to limit themselves in order to target every single device.

  11. Sarion says:

    The size of TtL 2 is too big. After installed it’s about 10 times than TtL. Could you please improved this? It’s the only complain to TtL2.

  12. Draiike says:

    Yep avanged but more money can be win if they do the game on iPod4 too and the game would be really really popular.

  13. Plexel says:

    Look guys, can we stop complaining about this iPod 4 deal? If something’s not possible, it’s not possible, and I for one trust OML to be honest when they say they can’t do something. Yes, they realize they could make lots of more money by adding it to iPod 4, so don’t you think if they could, they would have done it by now?

  14. Avenged110 says:

    Whether they could, couldn’t, or didn’t want to, it’s up to them and we should respect that. It’s their decision on what to support and what devices to target.

  15. Travis says:

    The latest update on Tilt to Live 1 makes the game crash at startup. Please fix it I’m begging you. Thank you so much!

  16. guest says:

    Things were going amazingly well on code red (nowhere near the global high scores though), but then the game crashed. D:
    I think there were too many things going on at once on screen (dots, weapons, timed bombs, tricks etc)

  17. Samoth says:

    Rockstar is working on a portage of GTA San Andreas on iOS (including ipod touch 4G) and they can’t make a functional version of their game on the same device?

    Waw, this must be a badass game to be way more complex than GTA San Andreas!

  18. Plexel says:

    Alright, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of us are professional iOS app developers. So unless you really know what you’re talking about, stop complaining, okay?

  19. Samoth says:

    I don’t need to be a ios develeopper to notice that some games which are more complex run perfectly on the ipod touch 4G

    And who are you to tell me what to do?

  20. Plexel says:

    I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just asking that we get off OML’s tail because after TTL2′s release, they’ve gotten nothing but complaints. How would you like it if you spend a whole year working on a game and then when you release it everyone skips over the good aspects and gives you crap about one bad detail?

  21. Adam says:

    @Samoth: We understand how bad it sucks for people with older devices to not be able to play 2, when the first one ran fine. I’m obviously not the tech guy to ask, but we just put a couple of extra weeks in to get the game stable on 5th gen. 4th gen isn’t going to happen without us scrapping a lot of the game and rebuilding it specifically with the limitations of that device in mind, which isn’t something we have the liberty to do at the moment.

  22. Draiike says:

    @Adam: ok! But would you do that one day ?

  23. Adam says:

    We already tried all of the small tweaks we could think of to get it running on older phones, and none of those worked. We’d have to spend months rebuilding TtL2 to work on devices that Apple doesn’t sell anymore, so no, that’s probably not a smart move business-wise. We’re still trying to make up for lost ground after Outwitters, so we have to invest our time carefully. Sorry, and we hope you understand.

  24. Draiike says:

    Ok i understand, and good developping for next ;)

  25. Draiike says:

    I will be a programmer after and that´s the style of game i will make :D,
    So i wait yours next game With impatience ;D

  26. Robert says:

    I’m as well on iPod touch 4g which I’m lucky to have cause we cannot afford the newer a5 devices and this is all I got before playing turn off wifi and Bluetooth and close out background apps then run it should work the longest I played was about 30 minutes cause I did no missions when I fly the hydra or hunter it works like a charm but ground vehicles and missions crash it but buy at you’re own risk which is what I did and I was prepared for stuff like this

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