Outwitters Season 4 has arrived!



Image credit: Cozyhut3 from our forums

You’ve battled hard over the past few months, and now your Season 3 rank is eternally etched in your profile’s history. Time for a fresh start!

Today you’ll find yourself back in placement for your first match, after which you’ll be promoted into a new division and league. Your behind-the-scenes skill rating will carry over from the previous season, so you’ll continue to be matched against similarly-skilled players. Best of luck to everyone in the ongoing war of wits!

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8 responses to “Outwitters Season 4 has arrived!”

  1. Someone21 says:

    It’s not here yet!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep still not any new season ^^

  3. Cozyhut3 says:


  4. Chemoeum says:

    This server maintenance thing, this is about the new season, right?

  5. Someone21 says:

    Yea season haz started

  6. didgeralien says:

    The way this is done is crap. I am a loyal consumer and it is my opinion that games started before the freeze should not count towards the new season. I went from Clever 10 to Clever 79 on a match that was initiated BEFORE the season ended.
    May not mean much to upper tier players, but to me it is everything. I should be able to pick my placement game, not any game that is a continuation from what I thought was frozen. I support everything ONEMANLEFT WITH MY WALLET. Go ahead and check, I’ll wait. I have bought every possible purchase because I believe in you guys. You have let me down. Again. It happened last season. FIX IT. When the season is frozen, I should be able to start a new game and let that determine my fate. I should not have to rely on a random game that doesn’t count (according to your rules). I should at least get an answer to this email. I haven’t heard from you two guys ever before, even though I have requested such. Why can’t I pick my own league game? I assumed all of the old season games didn’t count. This is my 3rd season ending. That makes me an ORIGINAL supporter and as such it would be polite to have an answer.
    Sean R McCormick

  7. Chemoeum says:

    @didgeralien Kind of harsh dude. Still, the new seasons clear users that quit Outwitters or just make a clean start for those who still play. The points don’t matter. The wins do.

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