Tilt to Live 2 Now Available on the App Store


Tilt to Live 2 IconWe’ve been working hard all year, and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous is finally available on the App Store! It’s a universal app, so if you have at least an iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th gen), or newer, just click the icon to grab a copy. If you’re on the fence, you should check out the trailer and see if it looks like your cup o’ tea.

We’ve also made the soundtrack available for streaming or purchase on Bandcamp, for those of you that like really strange swing music.

A hearty thank you goes out to anyone that bought anything we’ve put out over the past 3 years. It’s your support that allows us to keep these amazing jobs we stumbled upon, and we look forward to crafting even more redonkulous experiences for your future enjoyment.

52 responses to “Tilt to Live 2 Now Available on the App Store”

  1. Bartimaeus says:

    A great thank you goes to you guys for bringing us these fantastic games!!

  2. Samoth says:

    The app crashes on my ipod touch 4G (ios 6.1.2)
    I see you say it is compatible with ipod touch 5G but it is not said on the appstore (it says ios 6 needed, compatible with iphone,ipad and ipod touch)

  3. Connor says:

    I’m getting crashes on iPad Mini after the tutorial. Is there any way around this?

  4. blckace says:

    Congrats guys

    I hope it sells a million copies so we get outwitters updates!

  5. Adam says:

    @Samoth: Really sorry about that, we tried to mention the requirements as often as possible. It’s the first line of our description, after **IMPORTANT**

    @Connor: If you’re crashing on a load screen, that’s probably a memory issue. Try rebooting your device.

  6. Jay says:

    Sensitivity control?

  7. Mr LPB says:

    Awesome job. I’ve been letting my students play it today during free time and they are loving it. Hopefully, that will generate a couple of buys.

  8. Michael says:

    People on the Touch Arcade Forums are saying that the size for this game jumps to 500 MB when installed. Is it really supposed to be that big, or is there a installation bug?

  9. Francesco says:

    Hi thanks for your hard work, but i have a problem with iphone 4s, after beating the first boss at the loading page the game crash, can u help me?

  10. Adam says:

    If anyone is having technical difficulties, try giving your device a reboot. If that doesn’t help, go here to send us a bug report, and we’ll get to work solving the problem: http://www.onemanleft.com/contact

  11. Joe says:

    I think it would be cool if the light sabre could actually hit the molten boulder (like a hockey stick). Could even be a stand alone 2 player game with like hockey nets!

  12. Avenged110 says:

    Thanks again for all the hard work you guys have put into this game! I still hope you add back the sensitivity controls at some point though because I kinda rely on them.

  13. Fleshman says:

    This game is awesome!
    But my game progress not synced throu my devices, why?

  14. Bob says:

    Hey, I think this is an amazing game!! I had the first one as well and loved it!

    To anyone saying it crashes after the tutorial, the same thing happened to me several times. I rebooted my device (holding home and on button at same time) and it all works great now (bit of lag now and then though!).

    Oh and about the tutorial… I found it insanely annoying, and would have loved to be able to skip or disable it (especially with the crashes forcing me to redo it). But just a tiny thing, it’s gone now, so doesn’t really matter, just thought I’d mention it.

    Can’t want to see what the other game mode will be, really looking forward to that!

    I’ve loving all the new and interesting weapons. Can’t wait to see what comes next! 😀

  15. Fleshman says:

    Never mind, it just synced in the background, now anything is flawless. Thank you (iP5+iPd4)

  16. Jason says:

    Hey do you plan on a android release(I know why you would say no, no need to explain), because it could generate a bunch more buyers(since a lot of people have android phones nowadays) and I kinda don’t want to have to buy a new iPod(I have a 3G iPod) just to play this game.

  17. SpikeyMDT says:

    The effort is showing in this game, but i feel like the graphics are a tad bit flashy; its hard to detect any wondering dot that may be hiding between all that madness. That, and the crashing issue.
    Also, I don’t understand why the whole field of play isn’t fitted into the iPhone 4s screen, seeing how the screen scrolls to the other side of the map. I always die due to a dot being in a elaborate place off screen whereas i would run into it. I know this app was technically made for the iPhone 5, but maybe something can be tweaked.

  18. SpikeyMDT says:

    I would also like to see a sensivity adjustment option.

  19. Wilson says:

    Really enjoying the game on my iPhone 5S. Amazing bump in visuals, the weapons and dot enemies are awesome too!

  20. Tristan says:

    Hello, just wondering if it would be possible at all to make this playable on an iPod 4th Gen? Surely it couldn’t be too hard. Thanks!

  21. Samoth says:

    Tristan: I was wondering the same thing.
    GTA Vice City works fine on my ipod 4G, Tilt to Live 2 should be able to run fine too

  22. Sidv says:

    I use my iphone 4 play this and it was super lag while playing code red!XD (classic also lag) but anyway thanks your guys!! The boss too hard in code red!!

  23. Bob says:

    I don’t think it’ll ever work on 4th Gen, it lags as it is on my 5th Gen.

    Also, I’d really love the option to disable bosses, as they really break up the gameplay, and while sometimes I don’t mind this, sometimes I’d really like to just avoid boss battles. I almost always die in code red boss battles, so it kinda ruins that mode for me! I’m sure I’ll get better as I play more, but it still ruins the flow.

    Still loving the game though, am playing it all the time!

  24. maenk says:

    Brimstone Baller.Most difficult mission ever

  25. ko says:

    No sensitivity adjust?

    Come on.

  26. This game really is redonkulous. When playing it, it’s like “YES!” I like how some of the items require a bit more skill to use such as the light saber which doesn’t allow you to simply run into things. As SpikeyMDT said, the graphics are really flashy as are the sound effects; but I think that really adds to the overall effect of “Redonkulous.”

  27. david says:

    this game is pretty fun, except for when it crashes.. Even after rebooting the game will crash when i skip the whole crash-and-burn/game-over charade after dying. I skip it because waiting several seconds to play the next round is kinda lame.. And sometimes the game music will cease to play, but sound effects work fine.. not sure what thats about. but all in all awesome game

  28. david says:

    also, i am using iphone 5 with ios7

  29. Salsa says:

    Woot, heard about this from my friend a couple of hours ago, going to get this soon. Right when I thought TTL1 had finally died out. Were any of the weapons from TTL1 removed in TTL2?

  30. Plexel says:

    @Salsa Every weapon is new for TTL2 except the nuke

  31. Someone21 says:

    The nuke is the original of the game — well that and the dots and arrows. And tilting.

  32. Sean says:

    Awesome game and worth the wait, although would be great to have the sensitivity controls/sliders back.

  33. Nerronics says:

    I agree completely with SpikeyMDT. The flashy graphics are a great improvement from the first game, but the dots are just hidden from view due to these. A tilt sensitivity would also be another good thing to reintroduce, as many players are either used to speed or control, which is the point of Custom.

    Adding an Awards Section and a Statistics Section on the menu would also prove easier to navigate, and show us our progress and the items/weapons unlocked so far (and maybe reintroduce some old items back – one of the big faults I find with many sequels).

    That said, TTL2 is a great game, with creative new weapons and extremely humorous awards (e.g. YOLO), with fascinating and curious dot formations. Everyone’s looking forward to the (mysterious) new gametype – keep the updates going!

  34. Shadow says:

    Sir Adam ,phenomenal game ! I bought the game as I could not wait until the day it might become free(just a hope !).I didn’t get any lag or crash whatsoever on my iPad with retina display.(ios 7.0.4).But there is one problem though,I don’t understand what it means by the word “tricks”!i think it means to outwit the reds but that doesn’t reduce the number of tricks left to do! So pleeeaaase tell me what I have to do to clear missions involving tricks!! Please sir Adam !but I’m loving’ it!!!

  35. Plexel says:

    @Shadow Tricks are things you do with your arrow or orbs to get multipliers. It’s expanded on in the full tutorial. Like, getting 3 nukes in a row, bouncing off the same brimstone 3 times, or swinging your laser mace around 6 times; those are all tricks.

  36. Robert says:

    On the iPad, you lose a full inch of play area on the top and bottom of the screen. Why??

  37. Robert says:

    Also, can we lose the animation of the satellite every time? Seeing it once is charming, but it kills the flow of the game, much like the bosses do…

  38. frankp14 says:

    I bought the game but I have ipod 4 gen so I can’t even play it and I really want to 🙁

  39. Necrocat219 says:

    Is there an option to tone down the setting? I did see the warnings for requirements but expected it to work on at least IOS 6 :/ loads game select screen, but the loading game when chosen crashes

  40. QuantumApocalypse says:

    If you have a supported device (listed in description) then the game should work. It may require a device reboot to get it working.

  41. Samoth says:

    ipod touch 4G should be compatible, please don’t forget us like other devs do!

  42. Draiike says:

    Hey, I am happy to see you send Tilt to live 2 but we are a lot of iPod 4gen who bought the game and i m really sad because we can ´t play to Tilt2. Can ´t you make an update for include the 4gen ?
    Thanks I ll really enjoy if you do that ! 😀

  43. Samoth says:

    We will all post a 5/5 review if ipod 4G becomes compatible with your app 😉

  44. Draiike says:

    I agree With Samoth

  45. Draiike says:

    I agree With Samoth

  46. Georgio says:


  47. Barrett Velker says:

    Please make it work on ipod 4th gen. I would it buy instantly.

  48. jbadams01 says:


  49. SpikeyMDT says:

    I agree with Robert. About an inch of the play field is missing from my screen from the left and right sides. Bosses do tend to ruin the flow of the game. If there is a setting to switch bosses off along with sensitivity control, most people would be appreciative.

    I am having fun nonetheless ;D

  50. Soulless says:

    Please make this compatible with the iPod 4

  51. Samuel Hadeli says:

    Please make this game on android! I just switched from iphone to nexus 5. This was my favourite game for years. please please please make it for android as well.