Early Bird Tournament! CAAAAAW!


Think you’re getting pretty good at the new Tilt to Live? Then you should definitely check out the fan-sponsored Early Bird Tournament on our forums. The top three highscorers in Classic Mode and Code Red by December 15th will take home barrels upon barrels of glory, pride, and honor*. The first place winners get an extra barrel filled with admiration*.

*Emotions are subjective. Barrels are sold separately.

8 Responses to “Early Bird Tournament! CAAAAAW!”

  1. Someone21 says:

    You probably heard me laugh from here.

  2. SpikeyMDT says:

    I also love barrels of admiration. But alas, I’m not a god at this game.

  3. Kamikaze28 says:

    Thank you for promoting the Tournament on your blog, Adam! We are up to 41 participants and with the help of a Python script, I am now able to handle it :D

  4. Herobrine1104 says:

    Tilt to Live has been one of the greatest game ever! I used to play the Lite version of Tilt to Live one and eversince i’ve checking Appsgonefree to see if the full version becomes free. I was very happy when you guys made free for a limited time! Now i cant wait for Tilt To Live Redonkulous to become free too!

  5. Avenged110 says:

    @Herobrine1104 Aversion to buying things?

  6. Opser says:

    iPad always crashes, plz fix this bug, and I love your game so much, thannks

  7. Draiike says:

    Agenced, please can you make an update for iPod 4gen :/ ?

  8. Draiike says:

    please can you make an update for iPod 4gen :/ ?

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