Best. Fans. Ever.


I’m not going to lie, we were pretty anxious about Tilt to Live 2. 2013 was on track to be our slowest year yet, and Tilt to Live felt like it might be old news. Did people still exist that knew what a Tilt to Live was, or had all our fans died of old age in the two year interim?

Launch day, you showed up to support us in a big way. We cracked the top 10 in games on the App Store for the first time ever, and reached #15 in top overall. The past few days of sales have been the best we’ve ever seen, which is obviously a fantastic shot in the arm for our company. We cannot thank you enough.

We’re going to take a few weeks off to restore our sanity, then jump into filling that “New Gametype” section with something tasty.

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  1. Julio Rodriguez says:

    Hahahahaha, that’s greats news :D. I have been playing tilt to live 1 since i saw the game, in my class we have always had this game around, i am the holder of our highest record that it was like 52 million points, and then the other days one of my friends comes to me and shows me the app store with tilt to live 2. In less of 2 seconds i was already buying it, I have enjoyed it so much so far, thanks for doing such a good work (sorry for any grammar mistake, english is not my main language).

  2. Mark Schenfisch says:

    Already excited for your next game, whatever that turns out to be! :D

  3. Alon says:

    Well now that you got money we might still see a new teams/maps for Outwitters one day (and probably then TTL3).

  4. Cozyhut3 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Adam and Alex! ^^

  5. Mag!cGuy says:

    I don’t see tilt to live in any list of the app store :/ In what top is it? Does the top change from country to country?

    Anyway, congratulations! I’m so glad to hear that!

  6. Adam says:

    @Mag!c: The lists move around a lot. At our peak, we hit the numbers I mentioned. Sales typically slow down after launch day, so we’ve fallen since then.

  7. Samoth says:

    Will you be the best devs ever by making this game compatible with ipod touch 4G? :p

  8. Avenged110 says:

    Hey, I’ll always be here to support you guys. Been here since Tilt to Live 1 launched and, three years later, I don’t plan on going anywhere. Thanks for making such engaging and polished software!

  9. Wilson says:

    If you even dare and try to restore your sanity… so help me!

    Congrats on the awesome news you friggin’ loonies :P

  10. Himanshu says:

    Wait. What. Got to download now.

    And hey, did I ever send across the tilt to live 2 ambigram?

  11. yanwen says:

    Just took a look at appannie, TTL2 achieved high ranks in a lot of asian countries without even localization or marketing push (I suppose?….) I’m from china and I see a lot of great reviews for you in the appstore, congrats again :)

  12. SCOTT0852 says:

    Did we still know Ttl existed? YES WE DID. Great game, by the way.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job! Im really happy for you guys :)

  14. Chit chan says:

    It’s a great game. But can you please update and let us adjust the tilt sensitivity? I believe so many tilt to live lovers want to adjust the sensitivity

  15. Anonymous says:

    Crashes all the time

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love tilt to live 1 and am still playing it, but it is crashing as soon as I start a game. Update Please!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ttl 2 is crashing, not 1

  18. himanshu says:

    I have to ask… some of the power up animations really need to be toned down. Especially the nuke one and the two-sided saber animation.

    And yes, the crashing needs to be fixed.

    The iPad layout, on iPad4 also has some issues in transitioning of screens.

    Otherwise, love you have achieved the “Universal” version instead of a differing game play on iphone and ipad as it was in TTL1.

    Great fun game, but have to say, TTL1 is still just as fresh. I love the weapons there, and the gameplay and the weapons and the overall look. It looks like there is some time for TTL2 to achieve that same fluidity.

  19. himanshu says:

    Another small ask – Can we have a way for a quicker restart after the death – the spin-a-wheel idea in the end is great, but i suspect the leaderboard chasers will not really relish that. Besides it does break the mood that persisted in TTL1 where we could restart immediately. Now its first a spin-a-wheel, then the result of that, then a scoring screen and finally a restart.

  20. CombatEX says:

    This is great to hear! I stayed up to check the appstore until it was listed =) Also I noticed Alex logged into SC2 for the first time in months on TtL2 release day haha. Definitely a well deserved break.

  21. the lesser known alex says:

    I bought the game to support even though I knew it wouldn’t be functional on my Touch 3.1 iPod. Hopefully I can get a new one this Black Friday and finally try out the sequel to the best iPod game ever!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Picked it up. So much better than the free version of TTL1 on iPad. It’s redonkulously entertaining, I don’t even like tilt games.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree with another outwitters team… or u can make a game of outtilters

  24. didgeralien says:

    I bought TTL2 the minute I got my email. Sorry to say, I didn’t “stand in line” until midnight. Congratulations on your success and may it continue for a long, long time.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with several of the previous comments. I stared at the spinning arrows for well over 2 minutes (I thought it might be my weak WiFi signal), but it was a crash. The first one after maybe 40 game plays. Also, the restart takes waaaaay too long. Probably seems that way because I am so used to TTL1, and it restarts, like BAM! If it seems that way it probably is. I don’t need to see the leaderboard every time to know that I suck… :0) Also, some of the awards are either not working or the explanation is just over my head. I’ll post an example at the appropriate place…

    I have supported OML, A & A, since I installed outwitters.I have bought everything available to buy because I love your games and your professionalism. It was amazing that they were so well developed before you made them available!

    Pls, pls, pls Outwitters update,Outwitters 2, or whatever maybe a compromise…..

    I agree: please stay insane!!!! :0)

  25. naoki says:

    is good!

  26. Mark says:

    My copy of TTL2 is crashing after EVERY game, and needs to be hard shutdown and restarted to play again.

  27. Draiike says:

    Do an update for iPod 4 gen please ;)….

  28. Draiike says:

    The crash are because you have an iPod 4 gen

  29. Mark says:

    I’m using an iPad.

  30. Anonymous says:

    You know this has to go to onto Android now :)

  31. SpikeyMDT says:

    To some of the fans complaining about load time, I’m having loading issues too. Well it not that bad, playing with the iPhone 4s. But because this game probably takes more memory in loading then TTL1, I understand why it needs to load a tad longer…

  32. didgeralien says:

    You could rake in the $$$$$$ if all of your games were ported to Android. There are so many of my friends, and there friends, etc. who will not touch anything apple, but are drooling about Outwitters, and both TTL’s. The majority are drooling for Outwitters.

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