Outwitters’ Lost Special Unit: Retch


I was playing around with a prototype idea, looking for a placeholder graphic, when I remembered this ugly little guy. Back when the Veggienauts were still being balanced, we explored a few other plant-themed special powers outside of Bramble’s thorn patch. One concept was so inspiring I had to mock up the character behind it. His name was Retch, and he spewed a cloud of spores that was toxic to your enemies.

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16 responses to “Outwitters’ Lost Special Unit: Retch”

  1. BS15 says:

    This is awesome, you should so have used this charecter!!!
    Please use him in a future team!

  2. DRON says:

    I beleive we will se Outwitters II from you guys some day!
    It’s one of my favoirite games all times, honestly!

  3. Cozyhut3 says:

    @DRON: Fingers crossed!

  4. Alon says:

    You know I wonder how the future of Outwitters would looked like if Retch was the Veggienauts special after all because Bramble “waisted” OML so much time on balancing and a “nonprofit updates”.

  5. Cozyhut3 says:

    I’ve been wondering recently… When TTL2 (God willing) pulls OML out of their current financial predicament, and content production is dropped, (I estimate around August 2014 if all goes well) would the faithful few Witters remaining like to rally together to try and help OML bring about a sequel? (Somehow? Donations, may’aps?)

  6. Someone21 says:

    And you’re just telling us now? Otherwise you must’ve had a reason, like you lost the file to it, and now you found it.

  7. Someone21 says:

    I still love Outwitters, it is the best game ever! You just came up of many aspects that keep my attention to the game very lively. I also like Amoebattle. It is five dollars.

  8. Someone21 says:

    How does it poison robots? That proves it is also a computer virus or a corrosive substance, or the Feedback are secretly living, breathing beings.

  9. diversionArchitect says:

    @Cozyhut3 I’m hoping they’ll make an Outwitters Reloaded that is a pay app with no uber-pack. I’ll re-buy everything i they re-release it with pay stuff

    I think we all will

  10. The Cozyhut says:

    @diversionArchitect: The suspense is maddening. X3

  11. Seth says:

    Outwitters is so good that if it were re-released as a paid app, I’d buy it again. I wish more people forked out the mulah for the additional content, if for no other reason than solidarity. You guys make great games.

  12. Adam says:

    @Someone21: Right… let’s replace “toxic” with “corrosive”.

  13. Alon says:

    Oh and when your partner’s Adorables medic kiss your robots in 2v2 it’s fine. Ah well Outwitters is still awesome 🙂

  14. Johehan says:

    Yeah, fingers crossed for an Outwitters 2! You should really only have to do a few tweaks and slap on some new graphics and you would be good to go!

  15. Mark cole says:

    Mark cole says this game sucks

  16. Norahsul says:

    I really wish there are plush toys of alllll these nice characters, especially the adorables!!