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Whit Trebella was the man responsible for the first original music our games ever had. He scored Code Red, Frostbite, and Viva la Turret in the original Tilt to Live, and went on to provide tunes for a ton of great iOS games like Velocispider and Casey’s Contraptions.

Through sheer force of will he one day sprouted the ability to code, releasing his own sliding puzzle game by the name of Polymer. His new project is out today, and it’s a twitchy avoidance game called Pivvot. Seeing as how anyone reading this blog is probably into twitchy avoidance games, you should definitely check out this trailer and give it a shot. It’s like Super Hexagon on a race track.

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4 responses to “Get your swerve on”

  1. Cozyhut3 says:

    YES. “Casey’s Contraptions”. Not “Amazing Alex”. Good show, as usual OML.

    Oh, the game looks fun too. 😛

  2. GreatGonzales says:

    I must have it. It must be mine. Downloading now.

  3. Someone21 says:

    Cry, sob. I can’t download Pivvot because I forgot my security question answers! Curse all you Pivvoteers! And I wanted to play the game so badly.

  4. Gf!sh says:

    Have you guys got to Berserk yet?

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