‘Wah-Kapooian’ Is Now A Word


Outwitters fan and illustrator Seth Rutledge has developed some pretty sweet concepts for his own Wah-Kapooian Outwitters dream team. Check out the full post on his blog.

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9 responses to “‘Wah-Kapooian’ Is Now A Word”

  1. The Cozyhut says:

    The spark is there, but the art just needs that Stuart touch. 😛

  2. ㅐIMPERIALㅐ says:

    He just needs to give it the “slight turn to the side” treatment Adam gave all the teams later in the production cycle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My dream team would be a zombie team,all of the units being undead versions of the other team units,but the special one

  4. basebal4lyf says:

    What would be the special unit’s ability be of this team?

  5. AweWyld says:

    Nicely done Seth!

    I would love to see a samurai team like the characters out of Skulls of the Shogun: http://www.giantbomb.com/skulls-of-the-shogun/3030-31582/images/?tag=Character%20Art

  6. AweWyld says:

    The first thing that comes to mind for the samurai special unit (Shogun) is his special ability would be to slice his own men into smaller units (Runners) placed in adjacent hex tiles.

    To keep it simple, the 2 cost unit (Soldier, Medic) would yield 2 runners and the 3 cost unit (Sniper) and 4 cost unit (Heavy) would yield 3 runners.

    4 Runners for the Heavy seems like it would throw the balance off too much. Keep in mind not just the unit cost but also the damage each unit dishes out, 3 for both the Sniper and Heavy.

    Of course the initial unit getting sliced would not remain on the map. It’s a simple wit conversion.

  7. AweWyld says:

    I forgot to give the Shogun’s special ability a name. Since he would be dividing a subordinate into units with increased vision, let’s call it the ability of Subdivision. 😉

    You might also consider leaving the Medic out of it and just subdivide the Soldier, Sniper and Heavy.

  8. Arsenal says:

    Zombie team with the special unit that can infect other members of the team. Once infected their unit cannot attack and loses one HP every turn or spreads to another of their team members. The only way to counter it is with a medic… How cool would this be?

  9. Someone says:

    There could be a bunch of ideas out there, like a team based on clouds, music, medieval times, light, insects, wizards, water, fire, secret agents, digital worlds, the Sparta, cavemen, spikes, cotton, felines, birds, glass, rubber, energy, cubes, the Nazis, paper, cellular life, dinosaurs, and such more ideas I don’t feel like including right now.