Outwitters 1.6.2: The Better Bramble Initiative


Outwitters 1.6.2 is on the way! Hearing all of your feedback, we prioritized getting this patch out ASAP. It’s working its way through Apple’s approval process to WEED out some Bramble-related issues. That pun was intentional and I don’t have to apologize to anybody if I don’t want to.

Back by popular demand: Bramble thorns will return to 2hp, but still have the ability to attack and retreat. The nasty Bramble replay bug that’s been ending your replays prematurely is also fixed. We really appreciate your patience with this, and apologize for the issues with 1.6.1. I can assure you this update will be 0.0.1 better.

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22 responses to “Outwitters 1.6.2: The Better Bramble Initiative”

  1. GreatGonzales says:

    Thanks guys. The bramble was killing the game; this should bring us back to the glory days. 🙂

  2. Johehan says:

    Thanks guys! Hopefully it will still be competitive. Now, please do something about the bombshell while you are at it 😉 Some kind of change that makes them more fun to play against and thwart the super defensive scallywag players out there. Maybe just one less hp so a sniper or heavy can finish them off would suffice. Or maybe something more radical that makes them more offensive rather than defensive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have five games going and all the players have brambles…. Those thorns are like building cheap soldiers w the hp and movement of one but the damage of seahorse a. They create too easily and get too far. It’s too hard to even build anything without the players immediately killing off what u just built…..

  4. The Cozyhut says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I wrote a story/poem/something.

    The Bramble was a thorn in everyone’s side.
    The Super-Titans agreed that it was a one-way thicket to victory.
    So with Alex’s help, The Bramble went back to its roots.


  5. The Cozyhut says:

    I, too, like puns.

    The Bramble was a thorn in everyone’s side.
    The Super-Titans agreed that it was a one-way thicket to victory.
    So with Alex’s help, The Bramble went back to its roots.


  6. Jamaral says:

    Good change. Let’s see how it rolls now.
    It is defintely NOT a cheap soldier since killing the parents will wipe out all the children off the map!

    Now, while you are at it, PLEASE beff scrambler. At least 1 more HP so runners can kill it off so easily!
    Nobody plays feedback because of its weakness!

  7. Jamaral says:

    Beef scrambler up so runners canNOT kill it off so easily.
    Mistype, sorry.

  8. Texasholden says:

    Is it possible for anybody else beside top Super Titans to have featured replays?

  9. Texasholden says:

    @ Jamaral I play the feedback,but just have it travel along with some soldiers and a medic. Everybody can move the same distance, and just take everything over.

  10. Alon says:

    I think that if the Scrambler will be able to move 4 spaces it will be great.

  11. Riptor says:

    @Alon : Are u crazy ? Scrambler with an ability to move 4 spaces will be too overpowered, imagine the impact on small maps like Glitch..

    For Bramble, i think it will be again useless, soldiers can kill thorns for free so ennemy can easily rush bramble.

  12. zyberius says:

    My view is that the defense of 3 was fine for bramble, but that it should have to root contiguously and not be able to skip spaces. And when the chain is broken, any thorns without a line back to mama bramble wither and die.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think if we kill a parent weed and its child we get wits for every weed connected to it…

  14. Zaepian says:

    Will the issue of the Bramble’s children being able to cross gaps be addressed? This is a cheap and unfair movement in the game. While it’s acceptable that a runner can “see” over gaps, it’s not fair that a bramble can spawn a child over a gap instead of having to go around it. Logically it makes no sense and in regards to the game it is unbalanced, imho. Pleas disregard my comment if the issue has already been resolved. I’ve just been watching replays that are only two days old and seeing this happen though. It made me worried that it’s about to happen to me in a game in which the only way to get behind me would be to cross a gap and if this happens I will be livid as it will completely destroy my chances of victory.

  15. Living Darkness says:

    So will thorns have 2 hp and give a wit when killed? They used to have 2 hp but opponents didn’t get wits for killing them, right? If thorns have less hp, they shouldn’t give wits for killing them. If everything but a runner can kill them for free, they will be too weak.

  16. Dom says:

    Is it just me who has thorns still showing +3 health? On the replay it shows my opponent has +2 on the thorns, but then after the replay they all jump to +3 (no use of medic)???

  17. Cervo says:

    I agree that no wits should be given upon kill of a 2 hp weed. Would balance the play.

    Disagree with contiguous roots, wouldn’t be able to move your own units around.

    Jumping gaps with roots is fair as they cannot attack bases and are easily killed by everything but runners.

  18. James Bloomfield says:

    Please help. I loved playing Outwitters and made several in-game purchases. It now saus I must download the new update in order to be able to play. However, when I try to download it, it says “over 50mb, must connect to Itunes” but when I conenct to Itunes the button “Download” is greyed out and I cannot find any way to download the update. When I click “Update” it still says “over 50mb, must connect to Itunes” even though I already am. I really want to be able to carry on playing this fantastic game so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Alex says:

      @James, the 50MB limit is a 3G/LTE limitation. Connect to a wi-fi network and you should be able to update without issue.

  19. James Bloomfield says:

    It worked! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’m up and running again!

  20. Charles Chambers says:

    I absolutely love your game. You did an excellent job of making a well done strategy game.

    However, the brambles unit is making this game not fun at all. Please modify the bramble. They are too strong.

    It’s been frustrating and has ruined an otherwise superb game for me.

  21. Someone21 says:

    Heh, the post says “Feedback” without meaning the actual team.

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