Most Honorable App Ever!


The results are in, and if you keep reloading this page there’s a 1 in 7 chance that Outwitters will be at the top of the Honorable Mentions for the coveted Best App Ever Award! We’re truly grateful to join such excellent company as Punchquest, The Room, and for some reason Google Maps. We even took home 2nd Place for Best Multiplayer Game of 2012, beat by a super-slick word game called Letterpress, which is totally fine by us.

Thanks a butt-ton to everyone that went out of their way to nominate and vote us!

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7 Responses to “Most Honorable App Ever!”

  1. norahsul says:

    Congratulations!!!! =D =D =D

  2. TheBitPilot says:

    Letterpress was fun and intuitive, but nowhere near the brilliance of Outwitters. It was simply more well known because the general public tends to gravitate toward simple games than games that require serious thought.

  3. Texasholden says:

    On a different note, I’ve found a glitch. I started a league game, and somehow when I clicked done it said it wasn’t my turn. Then I exited and tried to enter the game again, but apparently im included in a game which I’m not actually playing in. So basically, I have a game going that that two people are playing as one team. I really hope that makes sense. Oh by the way, congragulations

  4. Worldfamous says:

    Congrats! And no, it’s not ok that Letterpress beat Outwitters. I enjoyed letterpress for all of 3 minutes. I’ve been enjoying Outwitters since launch, many moons ago.

  5. GoHeat 3 says:

    Congratulations! In the meanwhile, Outwitters is featured again in the App Store!:D

  6. Serafiniert says:

    good one!

  7. freerodo says:


    OW deserves the max recognition it can get.

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