Wrapping Up 1.2


Had some setbacks, so we’ve moved our Veggienauts submission date to next week. If things go smoothly, you’ll have all kinds of new stuff to play with around the 15th.

It’s not really fan art, but an interesting blog post was brought to our attention by an Australian teacher that’s been using Outwitters in his classroom. We’re a little jealous that his kids have already got Mobi-less teleport technology in their Outwitters maps, but we’re proud to help train the Australian Super-Titans of the future.

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9 responses to “Wrapping Up 1.2”

  1. joelduque says:

    Still waiting to play my new pet! 🙂

  2. LIL ABE328 says:

    right i caint wait like lol hury

  3. CombatEX says:

    Wow. I’m envious. Well, my 6th grade class was pretty fun. We got to do personal projects related to the history lesson for the week and I always made board games with my friends. We could play them too after we made them =)

    Probably the best one was basically Star Wars: Epic Duels but with Greek Mythology. Zeus and Poseidon were OP =P Probably should have spent more time on balance.

  4. Alon says:

    When you say “new stuff to play with” you meen there is more than the Veggienauts pack in the update?

  5. Pooky says:

    That’s an awesome post! Wish I could have played Outwitters in grade school! :3

  6. Texasholden says:

    Have you given any thought to putting this game on another device or system? I have a 2nd gen iPod and can’t play this… So playing on the computer would be cool.

  7. sakiehl says:

    That student’s homemade map has teleports. That’s a great idea!

  8. Aaron White says:

    Just wanted to post that I am an Australian player and think this is excellent. I also wanted to add to the chorus of having Outwitters available on multiple platforms. I know there are costs associated with such things, but I would happily put money down for a version on the Mac Apple store.

  9. Judment says:

    More things to buy!