Best App Ever Awards


Having fun with Outwitters? Head over to the Best App Ever Awards and nominate us for best strategy game! If we win, I think they’ll let us keep the title forever. Even if a better game comes out later. No backsies.

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9 responses to “Best App Ever Awards”

  1. joelduque says:

    A fitting award. Outwitters, the Best App Ever! 🙂

  2. Random Task says:

    it would be well deserved! my nomination is made.

  3. MUFASA says:

    There we go! It wasn’t a tough choice that’s for sure go outwitters! Let us know about the results.

  4. LesTaT says:

    I did it also!

  5. bluebluesky says:

    Done! 🙂

  6. Judment says:

    Happy to help 🙂

  7. JliuCrew says:

    Off topic but I had three 2 vs 2 games going and they still count towards my maximum game count but they all disappeared. Username: JliuCrew
    BTW it’s already updated.

  8. Jliu714 says:

    Outwitters rocks

  9. sunny ngai says:

    Hope this game will continue to publish more new stuff!!!

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