Outwitters Sports Network: Brought to you by Penguin


David “the Code Penguin” Lambert recently brought to our attention something he’s been working on for Outwitters: a browser-based replay viewer! Not only can you watch your replay without an iDevice, you also get to see a fog of war overlay for each player, a move by move summary of the action, AND it can generate a heatmap of your game (which I think shows you which spaces and paths were used; correct me if I’m wrong). I hate to say it, but this is cooler than our in-game replay if you’re wanting to analyze your game.

Check out this sample Super-Titan replay, or plug in a link of your own! You’re going to want to bookmark this. For anyone out of the loop, you can copy a replay link from any completed game in Outwitters by tapping and holding the entry in your games list. These URL’s can be viewed on any device with Outwitters installed, or by plugging them into David’s contraption.

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2 responses to “Outwitters Sports Network: Brought to you by Penguin”

  1. QuantumApocalypse says:

    Super epic! Only problem is it takes a while to load on my iPad 🙁 But that’s why I got Outwitters to play it for me 😉

  2. Riptor says:

    Yeah, great job !
    It’s very interesting to try to progress in the game 🙂
    When we watch replay ingame, we can’t see fog of war but here we can see it !